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Verena Kusterer

I participated in one of Kiyana's virtual cooking classes and it was great! We cooked palak and roti (see picture) and the result was super delicious. Kiyana has a huge knowledge about Indian cuisine and she teaches it enthusiastically. In this way, you get valuable tips in the courses in addition to great spices and recipes. For example, I had problems getting paneer and Kiyana gave me several alternatives and then guided me on how to cook a wonderful dish with chicken instead. Thank you so much for a great class.

Katha Lenko

The cooking session was much fun and a great success (very delicious). Since we had all the spices ready, the rest of the ingredients were easy to manage. Our instructor was very friendly and passionate, explaining well and answering all our questions. I can really recommend the class to get to know Indian cuisine and improve your game in the kitchen :)

karen antwerp

Wonderful! I ordered several things on-line. They arrived soon after in a beautiful box! Great presentation. Included in my order were actual recipes! It was brilliant! I didn’t have to think about finding different recipes online. They were at my fingertips! During this pandemic, we miss eating out. I definitely recommend kiyana’s taste kitchen.

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