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About us

Making Indian cooking easy to prepare

Get a delightful 'foodie' & culinary experience at Kiyana's Taste Kitchen  with our Authentic Indian dishes. 


Our unique concept is to make Indian cooking easy with our recipe & spice packs. The spice packs have all the authentic, exactly measured out spices for your specific dishes. For you to add, using the detailed recipe card. No need to search for all the individual spices in large unnecessary quantities!  


Having Indian roots & born in beautiful South Africa, which has the 2nd largest Indian population outside of India! With generations upholding our culture & food being a large part of it, our dishes are the same as mother India, with variations and a few unique dishes.


At Kiyana's taste Kitchen, you have the opportunity to bring Indian aromas into your kitchen, with your chosen recipe & spice packs or book a cooking class with us either online or a live class!


Theloshni Schoderer


Traditional Indian cuisine is rich and diverse in flavours, originating in India and loved across all continents. Being proudly South African and embracing it in my all, I've also grown up in an Indian home with rich cultures and traditions. 

Having moved to Germany in 2019 (to my husbands homeland), leaving behind the corporate industry of over 20 years of Corporate Communications & Marketing experience (Marketing Degree), had given me an opportunity to re-look at my career, spend some time doing the things I love doing including authentic recipes that had reconnected me to home and my mum.


Embracing our life in Germany, I was inspired to share a taste of our rich culture, food and spices with a bit of flair and innovation with inhouse & cooking classes, as well as customised spice kits, making it easy to cook delicious authentic dishes, from the comfort of your home.

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